Aloha Paddle Club - SUP Yoga Lagoon

SUP Yoga Lagoon

SUP Yoga Lagoon

Min 2 persons    5 hours    $135 pp



This beautiful lagoon is unlike anything you will see in the Riviera Maya, and it will the experience of a lifetime to do a SUP yoga class here.


“Not to be missed!!! The staff was wonderful and they could not have been more accommodating. As if all that was not enough they took the most stunning photos of us and shared the files with my husband and I. We cannot wait to back to Playa and when we do, we will likely spend a few days with Aloha Paddle Club.”

Sokeng C


Seeing the lagoon for the first time, you might need to blink your eyes a few times since it’s so beautiful and special. It is large and round with a deep crater in the center. Staying to the sides of the lagoon, the water is shallow and the soil is made up of limestone, which gives it a yellow colour.


SUP Yoga Lagoon

 Kaan Luum is part of Sian Ka’an which is a huge bioreserve. It is much less developed which makes it a nice trip to here.

We will paddle to the other side of the lagoon to find a nice spot for the SUP Yoga class. We can use our paddles to anchor the boards, since the top layer of the lagoon is very soft. This is also a lot of fun when someone falls in it, since it feels really weird.




The lagoon is more than an hour driving from Playa del Carmen. Depending on the size of your group you will drive with us in our car (which we also use to transport the boards) or we organize a comfortable van for you.


Transportation  Photos Water & snacks Chill Out Lounge



Pick up at the pick up location at Fusion or your hotel/ resort (only with groups larger than 4).



Arrival at the lagoon where we will unload and install the boards and give a little intro to stand up paddle if needed.



We will enter the water and paddle to the other side of the lagoon.



After anchoring the boards we begin the SUP Yoga class with our certified yoga teacher.



Wake up from our Savasana and paddle back to the entrance of the lagoon.



Time to relax and enjoy the lagoon a little bit more while we take care of the equipment.



Time to get ready and drive back to Playa del Carmen



Back in Playa.



The Hidden Treasure of Tulum – Kaan Luum Lagoon


This is pure stand up paddle and yoga adventure. Doing this trip you can be sure that the experience you’re having is something that only few will be able to say they did.



We will share photos of your trip with you that we’re sure will be the best memory you will ever have. Please check also our SUP Yoga experience on the sea at sunrise, or in a beautiful and very special cenote.



Private class

Combine the magic of the Caribbean Sea at sunrise with the ‘here and now’ of a yoga class. This is a unique experience for yogis and wanna be yogis of all levels. It includes equipment, photos and a 90 minute class by one of our certified yoga teachers and it promises to be an unforgettable yoga experience at sea.

  2 persons min.
4 hours

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Playa del Carmen SUP Yoga tour


Private class

Let us take you to a very special place, to offer you a unique experience, one that will be in your memories forever. Our SUP Yoga class in this beautiful fresh water cenote in the middle of the jungle we do early morning to have the whole cenote to ourselves. It includes transportation, teacher, equipment and entrance fees.

  2 persons min.
4 hours

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SUP Yoga Cenote


Private excursion

This lagoon is located 60 minutes driving from Playa del Carmen, just behind Tulum. It is the perfect spot for a SUP Yoga and stand up paddle experience, since it is relatively shallow and a beautiful, almost surreal setting to a yoga class. It includes transportation, equipment, teacher, paddle boarding and a 90 minute class.

  2 persons min.
4 hours

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