SUP Yoga Lagoon

Min. 2 persons

4 - 5 hours

US $105 pp

Not to be missed!!! Whether you are a local wanting to enjoy the sport or a visitor to Playa del Carmen, you owe it to yourself to visit Aloha Paddle Club. The staff was wonderful and they could not have been more accommodating. As if all that was not enough they took the most stunning photos of us and shared the files with my husband and I. We cannot wait to back to Playa and when we do, we will likely spend a few days with Aloha Paddle Club.
Sokeng Cleary

The Lagoon Will Help You Still The Rambling Of The Mind And Connect With The Sights And Sounds Of Nature



Seeing the lagoon for the first time, you might need to blink your eyes a few times since it’s so beautiful and special. It is large and round with a deep crater in the center. Staying to the sides of the lagoon, the water is shallow and the soil is made up of limestone residu, which gives it a yellow colour. This yellow ‘mud’ is what gives the lagoon it’s name: Kaan Luum means “yellow earth”. 

The lagoon is surrounded by lush vegetation and this makes it a perfect home to many species of birds. It is the perfect place for SUP Yoga, especially since we are able to paddle away from the entrance, to have the lagoon for ourselves and no one will disturb us.



It was only a matter of time before someone came with the idea to try Yoga poses on a paddleboard. SUP Yoga is the latest fitnes craze and we are proud to be the only provider in Playa del carmen, and one of few in the Riviera Maya.

Both paddleboarding and (SUP) Yoga are extremely good for the core muscles, one of the most important (and neglected) muscles in the body. The core is the center of your body, of your emtotions, of your strength and as you will find out it is here that the center of your balance lies.

This amazing experience involves both paddleboarding and a SUP Yoga class.



Maybe this statement is not very ‘Yogi’, but there’s nothing like sharing your photos afterwards on social media of your SUP Yoga class in this hidden paradise. The lagoon is just perfect for this, with its wide and flat water and the surrounding vegetation. We will paddle to a spot where we can anchor our boards, using our paddles as anchors in the yellow mud.

This yellow mud will also welcome you each time you fall in the water, which gives this Yoga class an extra challenge. But don’t wory, the mud is great for the skin and we can use it after the class to give ourselves a nice body scrub. This unique experience really takes care of mind, body and soul



8:00 Pick up at Aloha Paddle Club

9:00 Arrival at lagoon

10:00 Start Yoga class

11:30 End class

12:30 Drive back to Playa

13:30 Back at Aloha Paddle Club

The itinerary is an estimation, it really depends on your group, the weather conditions, etc.

Please note that the SUP Yoga Lagoon experience is for all levels, and is great for persons with or without any previous experience depending on the weather of course.

What's Included?

  • Transportation (from Aloha Paddle Club)
  • All Equipment
  • Entrance Fees
  • Photos
  • Sky Ha Rain Water & Snacks
  • Guide And Certified Teacher
SUP delivery paddle board

Pick Up From Your Resort Or Hotel

We can arrange private transportation to pick you up from your hotel or resort if you prefer. Please contact us about the possibilities! Note: groups up to 4 will go with us in our SUV, larger groups we will arrange a comfortable van incl. extra guide. Depending on where you're staying there will be an extra charge for pick up at your location.

Help Us Protect The Environment

It is our goal to have as little impact on the environment and were looking for a good sunscreen. We did the research and found the best product out there! 100% organic, reef safe sunscreen for your protection and for the safety of our delicate natural environment. Made with Love and Aloha, imported from Hawaii. Now for sale at Aloha Paddle Club. Just add this to your booking and we will make sure your sunscreen is ready when you come.

Sky Ha Rain Water

We're proud to announce that we're working together with Sky Ha to give you the best without harming the environent. Sky Ha’ Rainwater collects local rain falling in Mexico’s Caribbean tropical jungles before it ever touches the ground, then purifies the water through a rigorous filtration process. Locally produced, refillable glass bottle (so no plastic) and great tasting and pure water for your and our benefit.


Paddleboard tour What a great experience with Sander. We went to a lagoon and try some yoga position on the board. It was such a pleasant day with a great teacher. I really recommend it and would like to be there again.
April Matthews


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