SUP Yoga Cenote

Min. 2 persons

4 - 5 hours

US $95 pp

Best paddle boarding experience ever ! Highlight of my trip to playa del carmen. This was such an amazing experience ! Sanders was so great he arranged for us to go to a cenote and have a yoga class with an awesome yoga instructor ,Ricky. I highly recommend doing SUP yoga with Aloha Paddle Club
Elena Wenzel

The Settings To Our SUP Yoga Class In The Jungle Are Out OF This World



Since past times cenotes have been places of great significance for the Mayan culture. They represent portals to the underworld, better known as Xibalbá, a mystic place where gods, ancestors, and supernatural beings resided. They were also used for rituals and ceremonies where they presented tributes to the gods. 

Even up to this day, the cenotes play a big role in the lives of the Maya, and they are considered sacred places where one can communicate with spirtis or the deceased.

Whenever we enter them, it is custom to ask permission to the spirits residing there to give us safe passage.




The minute you enter the cenote you will feel that this is a special place indeed. Walking down the stairs and getting closer to the crystal clear water, surrounded by all kinds of vegetation and trees can be quite the experience. There will be only silence, with here and there a bird waking up…

It is completely different from where you come from most likely, and even different from anything you might have already seen in the Riviera Maya. We chose the perfect cenote for your SUP Yoga and jungle experience.


You might have vary different feelings, amazed by the beauty of this place, struck by its serenity, and perhaps a bit excited about the class. SUP Yoga can be challenging sometimes, and the idea of falling in the cold water of the cenote an extra reason to be nervous. But before you know you will be flowing  and floating like a real Yogi.

Our teachers can adjust the class to anyone’s and any group’s needs, and besides this being a beautiful and invigorating experience it should also be a lot of fun, and it will be. And after the first time falling in, it get’s easier…



We meet at Aloha Paddle Club long before sunrise. The cenote is about 25 minutes driving from our location. Once we are there we need some time to set up the equipment and we might ask you to help with that. 

It is our goal to start the SUP Yoga class early enough, before sunrise,  to avoid people coming that could disturb the class later in the morning.

The class itself will take 90 minutes. After that there is time to swim in the cenote and to explore some of the other cenotes and jungle that is there. We will be back in Playa del carmen around 10 am where you are more than welcome to stay for breakfast and some time on the beach.

What's Included?

  • Transportation (from Aloha Paddle Club)
  • All Equipment
  • Entrance Fees
  • Photos
  • Sky Ha Rain Water & Snacks
  • Guide (with bigger groups)
SUP delivery paddle board

Pick Up From Your Resort Or Hotel

We can arrange private transportation to pick you up from your hotel or resort if you prefer. Please contact us about the possibilities! Note: groups up to 4 will go with us in our SUV, larger groups we will arrange a comfortable van incl. extra guide. Depending on where you're staying there will be an extra charge for pick up at your location.

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Was an amazing sunrise SUP yoga experience for my fiance and I. I do yoga often and I paddle often, but have never done the 2 together. It was a tough, but doable and great workout.My fiance has done yoga but never paddle- it was a great intro experience for him and he did excellent, and had an excellent time.All in all, best part of the trip for us!
Geneviève Dombawela


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