Sunrise Session

1 Person or more

1.5 hours

US $55 pp

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You will not be disappointed I had the pleasure of enjoying a sunrise sup tour last week and it was incredible! The guide was friendly and made sure we all had a great time. I highly recommend this place if you are visiting Playa del Carmen. Was definitely worth the money. I can’t wait to come back!
Diego Torres

Our Sunrise Session Is One Of The Best Things To Do In Playa Del Carmen According To Many



Experience the Caribbean Sea the best way possible: at sunrise, floating on a paddleboard. 

One of the most amazing things to do in Playa del Carmen, according to many, is our mixed stand up paddle group at sunrise. It takes some effort getting up early, but it’s absolutely worth it. There is just something amazing about being on the beach so early, before everyone and everything wakes up.



Whether you’re coming by yourself or in a group, this is the perfect option for you. For those who have never done it before, we include a basic intro to standup paddleboarding that takes about 10 minutes. After that our guide will make sure you enter the water safely.

Each time is different, each morning the sun paints a different painting for us in the sky. Even when it’s cloudy or choppy it is a real joy to be outside on the sea while everybody is still sleeping. Early morning is the best moment to see dolphins or turtles, or other marine animals.



We are proud to say that we kind of invented the standup paddleboard session at sunrise in Playa del Carmen. And we have been doing it succesfully for over 4 years now. The secret to our success is that we made it available and fun for everyone. The sunrise group is always a nice mix between locals, club members and tourists. Depending on the group some will paddle alone and others will stay with the guide.

The sunrise session is a daily activity depending on the weather. These groups tend to fill out, so don’t ait too long with making a booking.


Imagine your board sliding through the water with each stroke of your paddle, the smell of the sea and the wind waking up your sense. Around you the world slowly wakes up, birds fly over in formation and you’re surrounded by a beautiful group of like-minded souls who all came for the same as you. As the first rays of sunlight reach you, you can only smile and feel a serenity you haven’t felt in a long time.

There is something unique about this experience, which might explain why it is such a popular option, and why people keep coming back for this. It is meditative as it is active. At sea, at sunrise, we are all the same, sharing ‘Aloha’ and making a memory that will last a lifetime…


What's Included?

  • All Equipment
  • Photos
  • Guide
  • Instruction (if needed)

Photos Included!!

We hope that you make some memories which will last a lifetime. In case you might forget, we always make photos and share them with you, free of cost. As a bonus we will edit them professionally before we share them with you. And of course, we're hoping that you'll make your friends jealous enough to come try for themselves.

SUP delivery paddle board

Pick Up From Your Resort Or Hotel

We can arrange comfortable private transportation to pick you up from your hotel or resort if you prefer. Please contact us about the possibilities!

Help Us Protect The Environment​

It is our goal to have as little impact on the environment and were looking for a good sunscreen. We did the research and found the best product out there! 100% organic, reef safe sunscreen for your protection and for the safety of our delicate natural environment. Made with Love and Aloha, imported from Hawaii. Now for sale at Aloha Paddle Club. Just add this to your booking and we will make sure your sunscreen is ready when you come.​


Amazing on all levels Paddle boarding with Aloha is a must do when visiting Playa del Carmen! Whether early morning or in the evening this experience is one that allows me to feel totally connected to nature and explore the ocean. The owners and staff at Aloha are incredibly accommodating and help to make the experience what it is - you really will give yourself an experience that will last with you and you will definitely want to go back for more. I recommend trying it out both in the morning at sunrise and in the evening - two totally different feels and both incredibly special! Thank you Aloha!
Colleen Larkin


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This is by far our most popular option for many good reasons: standup paddleboarding, instruction included, sunrise and photo for free! All for a super friendly price. If there's ONE thing you're going to do, this is it!