Expedition Lagoon

Min. 2 persons

4 - 5 hours

US $95 pp

Best. Day. Ever. This was by far, the best day of our vacation. Every detail was taken care of. The staff is amazing, friendly, laid back, and super knowledgeable about the areas "secret spots" that are not flooded with tourists. We cannot wait to come back and try some other locations!
Amy Price

Explore Lagoon "Kaan Luum" On A Private Paddleboard Expedition



Lagoon Kaan Luum is a truly unique place that is still relatively unknown to most visitors to the Riviera Maya. Let’s go there before the masses discover it!

Kaan Luum is a large, round lagoon with a deep crater in the center which leads to an under water cenote. This lagoon is ideal for standup paddle, even if it’s your first time.

The name Kaan Luum in Maya means ‘yellow earth’ and you wil understand why once you fall in the water and sink knee deep into this muddy substance. The soil is a big layer of limestone residu from centuries of erosion, which makes a great body scrub. There are also little fish that nibble on your toes. So welcome to our Aloha spa!


Thanks to its location 15 minutes South of Tulum, the lagoon is still relatively undiscovered which means that normally it won’t be too busy there. The good thing about going with Aloha is that we can take our paddleboards and have the rest of the lagoon to ourselves. 

You will get an introduction to standup paddleboarding on the dock by one of our instructors. After that we will start our standup paddleboard dream on the beautiful yellow and jade colored waters of the lagoon. The entrance is really shallow so it’s a great place to start. The further we go on the lagoon, the deeper it gets (unless we stay close to the sides).


Many people are concerend about scary animals like crocodiles we noticed. As much as we love to see wildlife, the lagoon is fresh water, which means that crocodiles don’t like it. They prefer it salt or at least brackish.

We do get to see a variety of birds in the lagoon. And once we paddle away from the dock at the entrance, there is only silence, and the wind, and sound of birds. It’s not for nothing that we like to bring you here. You will truly feel like you’re away from the crowd. One of the things we like to do, is to paddle to the other side of the lagoon, anchor our boards there and relax, try some yoga poses or get a nice body scrub with the yellow mud.


8:00 Pick up at Aloha Paddle Club

9:15 Arrival at lagoon

9:45 Start tour lagoon

11:45 End tour

12:00 Drive back to Tulum

12:15 Tacos!!

13:15 Back at Aloha Paddle Club

The itinerary is an estimation, it really depends on your group, whether you do a full day expedition and how many tacos you eat.

Please note that the Expedition Lagoon is for all levels, is not intense or difficult (depending on the wind) and is great for persons with or without any previous experience.

What's Included?

  • Transportation (from Aloha Paddle Club)
  • All Equipment
  • Entrance Fees
  • Photos
  • Sky Ha Jungle Rain Water & Snacks
  • Tacos
  • Guide
SUP delivery paddle board

Pick Up From Your Resort Or Hotel

We can arrange private transportation to pick you up from your hotel or resort if you prefer. Not in a Volkswagen van, but good enough. Please contact us about the possibilities! Note: groups up to 4 will go with us in our SUV, larger groups we will arrange a comfortable van incl. extra guide. Depending on where you're staying there might be an extra charge for pick up at your location.

Help Us Protect The Environment

It is our goal to have as little impact on the environment and were looking for a good sunscreen. We did the research and found the best product out there! 100% organic, reef safe sunscreen for your protection and for the safety of our delicate natural environment. Made with Love and Aloha and imported from Hawaii. Now for sale only at Aloha Paddle Club. Just add this to your booking and we will make sure your sunscreen is ready when you come.

Sky Ha Rain Water

We're proud to announce that we're working together with Sky Ha to give you the best without harming the environent. Sky Ha’ Rainwater collects local rain falling in Mexico’s Caribbean tropical jungles before it ever touches the ground, then purifies the water through a rigorous filtration process. Locally produced, refillable glass bottle (so no plastic) and great tasting and pure water for your and our benefit.


Fabulous Day Trip Totally agree with all the previous reviews! Sander is wonderfully patient. We had a really enjoyable day paddle boarding on a lagoon. It was our first time and he gave excellent instruction. We thoroughly enjoyed the taco shop and mojitos as well. Thank you for a great day Aloha.
Ely Rocher


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